Shared by TuranArek on June 20, 2016

Kelvar logged out and left the car with out a plug. When we arrived at the car to move to Tissy. Juelz went Away From Keyboard (afk) sitting in the car and we noticed that the car has no spar plug any more. Time to find the spar plug. What could ever go wrong.

Title: Calm And The Storm
Composer: Gunnar Johnsén

Title: Dark Goings
Composer: Johan Hynynen

Title: Graveyard
Composer: Anders Ekengren

Title: Moving Arma 5
Composer: August Wilhelmsson

Title: Peaceful Heartbreak 2
Composer: Anders Nilsson

Title: Tension Tunes 2
Composer: Magnus Melander

Title: Who’s There 1
Composer: Peter Sandberg

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