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How to fix “broken hands” bug without relogging

DayZ Guides 1 week ago

How to fix “broken hands” bug without relogging I haven't seen or heard too much about how to "fix" the "broken hands" bug in 0.57 but this handy tip (pun intended) should solve the problem without you h...

How to Check Your Connection In-Game 0.57

DayZ Guides 6 days ago

How to Check Your Connection In-Game 0.57 A very short video on how to check your Ping/Connection for 0.57....

30 Tips For DayZ 0.57 (1/2)

DayZ Guides 2 weeks ago

30 Tips For DayZ 0.57 (1/2) Another installment of 30 juicy tips for 0.57. This is part 1, part 2 will be released on Wednesday. ➫ WOBO Community Servers: http://www.patreon.com/WOBO...

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.58 EXP Life

DayZ 1 day ago

.58 EXP Life ...

The Sporter is useless! – DayZ Standalone

DayZ Action 17 hours ago

The Sporter is useless! – DayZ Standalone I attempted to kill a guy with the Sporter .22. Should have used the FNX obviously, but I thought 30 rounds would do the job......

Don’t KOS – DayZ

DayZ Fun 15 hours ago

Don’t KOS – DayZ On my way to jump off the silo roof, I'm attacked by some REAL bandits Nobuo Uematsu, "Kids Run Through The City Corner" Darwin Deez, "All In The Wrist"...

House living

DayZ Fun 11 hours ago

House living Staying warm under the cold rain....

Starvation & Revenge – Dayz Standalone

DayZ Action 15 hours ago

Starvation & Revenge – Dayz Standalone Dayz Standalone Gameplay - In this vid I am attempting to avenge the death of TRMZ who gets sniped from the ATC at Balota. So blinkered am I to the chase I...

Let’s Do This!

DayZ Fun 1 day ago

Let’s Do This! Let's Do This! - DayZ Standalone http://www.dayztv.com...

KNIGHTED! Dayz Standalone

DayZ Action 18 hours ago

KNIGHTED! Dayz Standalone Follow on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/TheDeluxe4 Watch every Episode! http://bit.ly/1iJ7cqt DayZ Crew: NobodyEpic: http://www.youtube.com/user/NobodyEpi...

The Town I Used To Know – Dayz Cinematic

DayZ 1 day ago

The Town I Used To Know – Dayz Cinematic First one ever so tell me what you think....

Dayz Standalone – Terrible Callouts !

DayZ Action 1 day ago

Dayz Standalone – Terrible Callouts ! My channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/MorningW00D96/videos...

most place sign

DayZ Fun 10 hours ago

most place sign most place sign...

Winchester 70 First Taste

DayZ Action 5 hours ago

Winchester 70 First Taste So I've beeen really unlucky with 57 so far but got my hands on a Winchester 70 and tried my hand at sniping with the so called new Mosin...

dayz standalone

DayZ 10 hours ago

dayz standalone ready pro-players for war...

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