Shared by [RO] Pepsy on January 4, 2017

We had an awesome pvp at the nw airfield, until at the first sign i believe i died because of the desync but 80 % my fiend killed me because the guy in the tree wasn’t even aiming at me when he comed out of the tree


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    I would say your buddy killed you.

    We can clearly hear his shots from the left, repeating during the gunfight. Did you ask him? Because to me it looks like the enemy hasn’t even seen you. When you look at his weapon when you spot him in the trees (1:12), his rifle barrel orientation suggest he was crouch and watching at the opposite of you (waiting for a flanker?).

    Also, during the fight there was no muzzle flash from his rifle & you can see him looking at the tree for one second, probably because he thought you jumped on him CQC. This may could be desync occurence. But since 0.61, I haven’t seen this kind of old-“anim desync”, much more prevalent in 0.60.