These are buildings found along railways, usually inside large cities. There are two variants, only one being enter-able. Logically they are only found around the Railroad.

There are also some bigger train station with multiple buildings:

  • Central Railway Station
  • Train Station (Gvozdno)
  • Train Station (Svetlojarsk)

The small train station is not a desirable spot for searching for loot, due to its small size in minimal loot spawn. Allthough they are a sign for cities and good loot, if you travel along the railroad.

  • Balota
  • Elektrozavodsk
  • Factory (Solnichniy)
  • Kamenka
  • Kamyshovo
  • Komarovo
  • Prigorodki
  • Solnichniy
  • Svetlojarsk

The Large train station can spawn food, clothing and other usefull civilian equipment. They are known to spawn Anti-stab vests and the very rare Blue Press Vest.

  • Berezino
  • Central Railway Station
  • Chernogorsk
  • Gvozdno
  • Svetlojarsk