A 3 person camping tent with a porch. Designed to offer comfortable and dry sleeping space for 3 people, plus additional luggage space in the outside porch.

The Tent is a piece of Equipment. When deployed it can be used to store items beyond the capacity of what the player is able to carry.

Tents can be pitched anywhere on the map. Once deployed, they offer massive amounts of storage, which can be used to store useful items such as weapons, tools, backpacks, and other important supplies. Tents can be carried in a rolled-up form by the player, or placed in the player’s inventory; however, the item is very tall, at 6×2 slots, so it will only fit in Hunting Backpacks, Drybags and Mountain Backpacks.

Tents are temporary structures that are persistent, and therefore tied to a server. Once deployed, they cannot be taken with you to another server, nor can any of the items inside. One must therefore empty and dismantle the tent to move it. Tents and the items in Tents do not get deleted when the server restarts. To access the tent’s inventory, crouch while inside it and press tab. Anyone can access the tent’s inventory, so placing it in a location far from prying eyes is advisable.

Tents spawn in places where players rarely ever venture. They are also extremely rare, meaning you will likely have to search in many many places where they spawn to find one. Alternatively, you could search for tents placed by other players; however, this may be even more difficult, because they can be placed anywhere: in a forest in the middle of nowhere, in a building, on an island (for example, Skalisty Island), on a mountainside or mountaintop. The best place to find a tent without spending too much time searching for it is to look in Tenement Buildings. Dubky is a good location. Here is a tutorial on how to effectively search for tents (video tutorial included):

  • Climb to the rooftop of a Tenement Building. Walk to the edge of the roof, and look for tents on the roofs of the buildings surrounding the one you are on. (Tip: decrease your FOV to the lowest amount possible to zoom in and get a better look)
  • If there are no Tents on the rooftops, start looking for them through windows, scanning from left to right. If you don’t see one, look one story below.
  • Once you spot the tent, keep the floor, room and everything regarding to the location of the tent in your mind, before climbing back down to get it.
  • Enjoy your reward!

Where to find Tent ?