Supermarkets are located in various Towns and Cities in Chernarus and are known to often contain valuable Loot. In contrast to their reputation in the mod, markets spawn in the standalone only low value loot like Ammunition and Drinks.

Being located in the middle of towns and cities, raiding players have a high risk of aggroing Zombies. Keep in mind that other Survivors and Bandits are attracted to supermarkets as well because of the large amount of valuable loot.

In addition markets can be entered from nearly any side: the front door and the windows provide absolutly no cover and can easily be crossed.

  • Berezino
  • Chernogorsk Has multiple Supermarkets in the Apartment blocks
  • Elektrozavodsk
  • Krasnostav
  • Polana
  • Pustoshka
  • Stary Sobor
  • Vybor
  • Zelenogorsk
  • Kamenka Has a supermarket on the western side of the town.
  • Gvozdno
  • Chernaya Polana‎ The only supermarket to have a accessible roof.