Small pile of guts.

Small Pile of Guts is a Resource in DayZ Standalone. It can be obtained by skinning and quartering a small animal with a knife. These piles are edible, however eating them has a chance to make you Sick. Guts can also be used as Rope to craft Improvised Fishing Rod, or any other item that requires Rope to craft.

When a Small Pile of Guts is first cut out of an animal, it will appear with a red background in your inventory to show that it is hot. Because of this, Small Pile of Guts can be used much the same as a Heatpack to heat up your character while in your inventory. Actually, Small Pile of Guts arguably works better than a Heatpack due to the fact that Small Pile of Guts does not deteriorate, and that they can be re-heated at a Fireplace.