An improvised fish trap made out of water bottle with the bottle neck cut off and placed inside of the rest of the bottle upside down so small fish can swim in but will have hard time finding a way out.

The Small Fish Trap is a piece of Equipment in Dayz Standalone. It is used to catch small fish like Sardines.

To use it just drop it in any kind of big water scource e.g: Pond, Sea

It will then float there and you will have to wait until a fish swims into it

How to Craft Small Fish Trap ?


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    This particular food gathering method is cute and kinda fun if you have a camp and have a ton of other food that you’re stockpiling for no real reason, but sardine gathering is a pain in the butt for one major reason.
    Persistance! I try and I try and I try to use this to get a couple sardines, but I’ve only gotten 2 sardines total out of trying nearly 40+ times I think. The bottles are better off storing extra water.
    It seems the real problem is, like any other item, the fish trap disappears if you don’t interact with it often enough, but it seems interacting with it severely limits the amount of fish it can catch. Catch 22, whatever you call it, it sucks 🙁