A pocket-sized universal sewing kit comes handy for patching various clothes.

The Sewing Kit is a Repair Kit that allows the survivor to restore lost durability on certain equipable items, lengthening the duration they can be used. It can be used to repair a piece of clothing in Damaged or Very Damaged condition, changing its condition to Worn, but can’t repair clothes in Ruined, Worn or Pristine condition.

In order to use the Sewing Kit, the player must enter the inventory and drag it over the item of clothing they wish to repair and select the ‘patch’ option. Sewing kit can be used a limited amount of time, since its condition will degrade with each use.

The Sewing Kit can also be used to stop bleeding. Simply right-click the Sewing Kit and select “Stitch Self Up” to stop the bleeding.

List of Clothes that can be repaired with a Sewing Kit:

Where to find Sewing Kit ?