Sterile bag containing Isotonic saline (0.9%) with connected intravenous delivery attachment. Already contains everything needed to administer a saline transfusion.

The Saline Bag IV is a rare medical item that can be found in medical centers in DayZ Standalone. A Saline Bag transfusion is compatible with all blood types and can be used to instantly replenish 10% (500 units) of a player’s blood, which is enough to bring an unconscious player back to consciousness, assuming the cause was blood loss. While blood bag transfusion provide double the amount of blood, saline deemed much safer method, since you don’t need to worry about blood types.

A player cannot give themselves an IV, so make sure you have a friend nearby. To use this item place the ‘Saline Bag IV’ into your hands and use it on another player with the action menu, both players must stay still, else the action will be cancelled.

Where to find Saline Bag IV ?