alternative to water containing carbonated water

Soda cans will alleviate some of the player’s thirst and hunger when consumed. They can be used by entering the inventory window (‘TAB’ by default), right-clicking its icon and selecting ‘Drink’. Upon consumption, a snap, hiss and gulping sound will play to represent the player opening and drinking the can. Be wary as other players and zombies can hear this noise from a small distance.

Nota Cola seems to be slightly rarer then the other drinks.

  • Pipsi is a parody of Pepsi Cola bearing a similar, blue/red/white colored can as well as a similarly styled logo.
  • Spite is a parody of Sprite and has similar, green/blue can color as well as a similarly styled logo.
  • Nota Cola is a parody of Coca Cola and has similar, red/white color design as well as a similarly styled logo.
  • Rasputin Kvass is named after the famous Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin.
  • The name “Pipsi” likely derives from Rocket’s slight mispronunciation of the name Pepsi in several interviews, leading them to develop it into a fictional in-game brand that feels familiar, dodges copyright, and provides yet another joke at the expense of Rocket’s accent.
  • The Pipsi logo is a round remake of the flag of the Czech republic.
  • Prior to switching to the current Pipsi, Nota Cola, and Spite brands, a series of other sodas by the Zluta brand was in their place: Klasik, Kolaloka, and Malinovka.

Where to find Rasputin Kvass ?