A simple bright pink jacket constructed from breathable, water resistant fabrics. Includes a hood and extended collar to protect the head and upper body from rain.

The raincoat is perfect for long-term survival in wet conditions. The quickest killer in any survival situation is hypothermia, which causes muscle fatigue and makes regular survival techniques infinitely harder. If you find one, wear it or store it, as it will come in handy in rainy situations.

A Raincoat can come useful in other things than just wearing. It can be cut to pieces by combined it with a Machete. Cutting up a Raincoat in this fashion will yield 5 Armbands of the same color as the cut Raincoat was.

Where to find Raincoat ?

Raincoat can be used to Craft


Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

Armband A piece of cloth to wrap around arm. It is meant to make it easier to recognise friends from foes in the fray of a battlefield or any other chaotic situ...