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The Radio was a piece of Equipment that used to be in DayZ Standalone.

The Radio was implemented into the DayZ Standalone along with WalkieTalkies in its early alpha release, which is speculated by many that it was accidently kept in the code of the game when the DayZ Standalone was created. The Radios used the original texture ported over from the previous DayZ mod and were nonfunctional and never worked, unlike its counterpart, the WalkieTalkie which is currently implemented and fully functional.

Radios are unable to be used or even be obtained legitimately.

Many people originally claimed in the DayZ mod (later believing it occurred in standalone too) that radios could pick up transmissions from Green Mountain at the top of every hour that included Morse code and a series of grid coordinates, though this is an urban legend and has since been proven untrue.