Police Stations were once places used to accommodate police officers and other members of staff as an office and head quarter building. These buildings contain offices and accommodation for personnel and vehicles, along with locker rooms, temporary holding cells and interview/interrogation rooms.

Before the outbreak, these stations were used for the dealing with criminals of criminal activities. With the falling apart of the government and their institutions devoted to defending the populace, these buildings are filled only with the valuables one might need to protect themselves.

In some cities, police cars may be found near police stations that may contain basic medical and military supplies in their general vicinity.

  • Located in many key cities such as Berezino, Elektrozavodsk, Krasnostav etc.
  • Police stations are also located in smaller cities as well, such as Staroye etc.

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  • you can find lots of good loots here . Pistol suppressors, CZ61 Scorpions, Different pistol magazines, .45 pistols and possible rifles. Just beware they are camped and watched very hard. Chances of running into hostile survivors is very high. Be careful and stay safe…..