• Damage
  • Rate of Fire
  • Recoil
  • Noise
  • Range
    50m - 75m
  • Dexterity

A Polish 9mm submachine gun chambered for .380 Auto. The Rak is a select-fire weapon that fires from an open bolt. Unlike Most SMGs firing from an open bolt position, the RAK features a reciprocating external breech bolt.

The PM73 RAK is a Polish open-bolt submachine gun, chambered in .380 Auto in DayZ Standalone.

It features a relatively unusual bolt design, the bolt being its pistol-like slide which is locked to the rear position when cocked, and moves forward when the trigger is pulled. While this design makes the recoil somewhat more controllable, it makes it harder to maintain a decent sight picture.

The PM73 RAK is not known to have any attachments.

  • The PM73 RAK was added to the game files in 0.47, first spawning in 0.48 at the (now removed) Static Helicopter Crash Sites.
  • With 0.55 the PM73 RAK spawns at Prison Island and on destroyed tanks and APCs.
  • In addition to wherever the PM73 RAK spawns, its magazines can be found in Barracks and Police Stations.

Where to find PM73 RAK ?