200 l barrel

The Oil Barrel is an environmental object in Day Z that can be used to create a small fire from its top. It can be lit on fire by selecting the “Put on Fire” command when a player is close enough. The fire can also be put out once lit by selecting the “Put out Fire” command. You do not need a Box of Matches to light the Oil Barrel on fire, which makes the Oil Barrel an effective means of cooking for survivors without the need to create a Fireplace.

  • The Oil Barrel emits a glow radius of approximately 5-10 meters when lit up.
  • It can be used to cook Raw Meat when lit.
  • Can be used as a source of increasing body Temperature. It will warm up nearby players.
  • The Oil Barrel can be used to attract the attention of other players or zombies when lit.

Oil Barrels have been identified with a couple of different building types, including General Military and Industrial locations. They can also be found in large cities such as Chernogorsk. Oil Barrels may be found near the tents at Stary Sobor and the medical tents behind the hospital in Chernogorsk.