The Military barrack is a building in DayZ Standalone originally used by the Chernarus Defence Force. Another type of Barracks is the Officer’s Tent.

Military barracks often hold extremely useful objects such as Backpacks, Weapons and Attachments, and Camo clothing.

They can be found in the following locations:


  • International Airfield: 2 Barracks

Military Bases:

  • Military Base near Pavlovo: 4 Barracks
  • Military Base near Veresnik: 3 Barracks
  • Military Base in Zelenogorsk: 2 Barracks
  • Military Base in Kamensk: 1 Barrack

These areas are notorious for extreme Bandit activity due to its high loot spawn rates. Unarmed survivors can quickly gear up in these areas; however it must be noted that the high amounts of loot in this area make them a target for snipers and bandits.

  • The windows inside the barrack are bulletproof. It is unknown whatever this is a bug or intentional.