A full map of Chernarus.

Maps are items used to navigate between the different locations across Chernarus. There are a number of different maps, including quarter maps and half maps, and a complete map. Map pieces (quarters and halves) can be combined together to form a complete map.

These are commonly found in gas stations and in parked/destroyed cars. They can be accessed through the inventory or by setting a hotkey. Each map item use up one Inventory slot. Maps can be used to place custom map markers, which are shared between all other survivors in the channel.

They are the most common loot spawn map item found in-game. Though small, these maps have a much higher maximum zoom than the map of all Chernarus.

Can be found in game, or can crafted by combining two adjacent quarter maps e.g. North with South, East with West, but not West and North.

A map of the entirety of Chernarus can be created by combining two opposite half maps (ie. North and South or East and West).

  • Map of SW Chernarus
  • Map of NW Chernarus
  • Map of SE Chernarus
  • Map of NE Chernarus
  • Map of W Chernarus
  • Map of E Chernarus
  • Map of S Chernarus
  • Map of N Chernarus

Custom map markers can be placed on the map, these markers will be visible to all the players in this channel.

  • To add a marker, double click on the map when the map is fullscreen. A marker will show where you clicked.
  • You can change it’s color by pressing SHIFT-UP/DOWN.
  • You can also use Icons on the map by pressing ALT-UP/DOWN which will cycle to all the possible icons.
  • Deleting a marker can be done by pointing to it with your mouse and then pressing DELETE.