A handcrafted improvised courier bag made of rope and burlap sack.

The Improvised Courier Bag is a craftable small-sized backpack. It is used as an external and separate means of storing items from the player’s main inventory and therefore makes the player able to carry more items.

Crafted by combining a Burlap Sack and Rope, the Improvised Courier Bag offers 12 additional inventory slots for a player. It can be expanded by dragging sticks onto it, thus creating an Improvised Backpack.

NOTE: When crafted, it can be broken down into raw materials again.

Improvised Courier Bag can be used to Craft

Improvised Backpack

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

Improvised Backpack A handcrafted improvised backpack made of wood sticks, rope and burlap. Not very fashionable, but very practical.This backpack can be crafted by draggin...