Improvised bow made of wooden branch and rope.

The Improvised Ashwood Short Bow is a type of weapon in DayZ Standalone.

The Ashwood bow is in most cases the lowest risk ranged weapon currently in DayZ. Loot a few small villages and you have a good chance of finding the materials (an axe or ashwood stick, a knife and a rope), while avoiding the dangers of bigger cities. Ammunition can be made by scavenging chicken coops for feathers and checking the ground for sticks to sharpen, making the weapon completely void of needing cities for restocking other than the first run.

The weapon itself is good for hunting, and makes almost no noise, allowing to to silently eliminate people. If the user is not used to the weapon, aiming can be tricky, as no sights are provided, requiring the user to use their eyes to judge where the arrow hits, using the arrow and drawing a line along it with your eyes, can be a good way to do this. Its not recommended to use the bow beyond close-medium range in combat, unless very proficient with it. It will kill fairly quickly, though the difficulty in aiming for critical spots can make it require several arrows to kill.

  • Although the bow is considered to be one of the hardest weapons to use in the game, it can be one of the most economical due to the ability to craft ammo, the fast firing speed, and the high damage dealt by the weapon.
  • Although the bow has no recoil, the player will aim slightly upward after firing each arrow which will require the player to re-adjust his aim after every shot.