A convenient battery powered LED lamp that affixes to the head utilizing two adjustable straps to secure it in place.

The Headtorch allows the user to have a flashlight while their hands remain free to use. It requires an Alkaline Battery (9V) to function.

The headtorch was originally invented for use in coal mines, allowing for safer light than the old-school fire lantern. This had a side effect of also allowing two handed mining, and the headtorch was soon adopted in disaster relief and emergency response units for that very reason. This is a very effective item, but you must be wary that your light gives away your position to both players and zombies, and if using a headtorch, that light source also acts as a nice target for distanced headshots for an unscrupulous bandit.

Use is currently a bit buggy, you may need to right click on its icon in inventory and select ‘turn on’ in addition to scroll wheel methods of activation.

How to use Headtorches

Where to find Headtorch ?