Often used by Police to restrain an individual’s wrists, restricting their ability to resist or use objects. A key is required to unlock the handcuffs once used.

Handcuffs are a piece of equipment in DayZ Standalone.

Handcuffs, once used by Chernarus law enforcement before the zombie outbreak, can now be found in abandoned jails and police stations.

They are used to restrict an individuals ability to resist or use objects (by restraining their wrists.) A key is required to unlock the handcuffs once used.

Once an individual’s hands have been restrained, he/she can struggle to try and get out of them. The more durability the handcuffs have, the longer it will take to struggle out of them.

To free yourself repeatedly press A and D while lying down, which will cause the player to struggle. This is noticeable and is not advised if the captor is watching. Other ways are:

  • A hacksaw may be used to break free. If a hacksaw is placed on the hotbar, the player may switch to it and use it to break the handcuffs.

Handcuffed players have the ability to change stance, and move at a decreased speed. Things in the hotbar can be placed into the hands, but the inventory is not available.

Players can use handcuffs to organise other people’s inventories in certain circumstances.

For bandits the usage of handcuffs is good in combination with the burlap sack, which will in addition blind your captive.

Where to find Handcuffs ?