A fine-tooth hand saw with a blade held under tension in a frame, used for cutting materials such as metal or plastics. A wound inflicted by this tool can be pretty nasty.

Hacksaw is a piece of equipment and weapons in DayZ Standalone. The Hacksaw is often used on weapons such as the IZH43 and Mosin 9130, creating their sawed-off Variants. The Hacksaw can also be used for opening any kind of can, with the disadvantage of spilling some of the food in the process. You can use the Hacksaw to free captives from handcuffs. It can also be used as a melee weapon.

Where to find Hacksaw ?

Hacksaw can be used to Craft

Sawed-off Mosin 9130

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

Sawed-off Mosin 9130 Sawed-off Mosin-Nagant military rifle.The Sawed-off Mosin 9130 is a sawed-off version of the Mosin 9130, appearing in DayZ Standalone. As the name impli...