Upper part of military issued Gorka E uniform, made of warm materials, designed to keep you warm yet flexible

The Gorka E Military Uniform Jacket is a type of Jacket in the DayZ Standalone. It features the same textures as the Gorka Military Pants.

This jacket is part of the Gorka uniform commonly used by Chernarussian Defence Forces troops due to the uniform’s warmth, wind-proofing and very durable design. For the same reason, it is also frequently found among mountain troops.

The Gorka E Military Uniform Jackets are good for preventing hypothermia, and are almost waterproof – second only to the Raincoat. It also provides more camouflage and space than the raincoat making it more desirable from a utility standpoint.

  • Gorka Military Pants

Where to find Gorka E Military Uniform Jacket ?


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