The basic mix you need to start a fire place. Mixture of pieces of paper and dry brushwood that makes it easy to start a fire.

The Fireplace Kit is a piece of Equipment in the DayZ Standalone. When placed on the ground, a Fireplace is created.

In order to use a Fireplace you need to put it on the ground and attach either 1 piece of Firewood, 1 Wooden Stick or 1 Sharpened Stick to it. After that you have to light it with a Match.

Be aware that you cannot put a Fireplace Kit with anything attached to it in your inventory.

Fireplace Kit can be used to Craft


Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

Fireplace Fireplace provides energy for various purposes such as building up heat comfort or cooking foods.A Fireplace is a craftable structure. Once lit, it ...