It has a pick-shaped pointed poll. It is decorated in vivid colors to make it easily visible during an emergency. Its primary use is for breaking down doors and windows.

Firefighter Axe is a melee weapon and a tool in DayZ Standalone. It is a wooden handled axe with a heavy steel head, once used by chernarusian firefighters to break down doors and windows when combating fires or mounting rescues pre-apocalypse. They can now be found in abandoned fire stations and industrial areas.

The Firefighter Axe is the second most powerful melee weapon in DayZ, capable of killing zombies with 1 hit to the body (2 for military zombies) or 1 to the head. As well as being an effective melee weapon, it is one of the few melee weapons which allows players to chop down trees for Firewood. However, Swords are better for combat.

The Firefighter Axe takes up five vertical slots and so will fit in most backpacks. If one has space to spare, this is a good way to keep the axe concealed and used as a holdout weapon. The Firefighter Axe can also be used to open canned food, however, a large portion of the food contained in the can will be spilled. For this reason players should attempt to find a Can Opener as it will not spill any of the contained food.

The Firefighter Axe’s only real drawback is its bright colours, making it very visible. This can be resolved by painting it green or black using Spraypaint. Like other sharp instruments it can be sharpened with a Stone to repair its condition from badly damaged to damaged.

Where to find Firefighter Axe ?