stronger or irregular heartbeat

Used on unconscious players to immediately awaken them. This is ineffective on dead players. It only works while the player is unconscious.

It is worth noting that while this item can revive players unconscious with the Shock Status effect, it will not remove it. Switching servers after the use of Epinephrine will incapacitate the player once again.

Using Epinephrine on a player that is unconscious because of blood loss will not revive the player (he should recover blood with a Saline Bag IV, a Blood Bag IV or being forced to eat and drink so that he can produce blood naturally, although this method may be too slow and he might die before). Epinephrine will only reset the player’s “shock” value back to 0. A player becomes unconscious when their shock value exceeds their blood value. Shock value is acquired from taking damage and depletes with time.

Where to find Epinephrine ?