• Damage
  • Rate of Fire
  • Recoil
  • Noise
  • Range
  • Dexterity

Derringer is generally the smallest usable handgun of a given calibre. Derringer is very easily concealable in clothes or small containers making the perfect surprise element that can also deal plenty of damage on short range.

The Derringer is a double-barreled pocket Handgun, designed to be compact, but powerful. Its two barrels chamber one .45 ACP round each, and the gun takes up only 2 inventory slots. It can be reloaded by pressing R without entering the inventory, unlike other weapons (like shotguns) which request a magazine or similar to allow this comfortable reload. The Derringer comes in black, gray and pink.

  • In real life the Derringer is a generic term for any small and easily concealed pistol i.e. ‘pocket pistol’. The derringer pistol earned it’s fame and infamy as being the weapon of choice for gamblers or other men of ill repute, as a woman’s personal protection piece stuck in a stocking, but most famously as the weapon of choice for assassin John Wilkes Boothe, who used a .44 caliber muzzleloading percussion derringer to kill President Abraham Lincoln in Ford’s Theatre during a play.[1]
  • The Derringer was introduced into the game proper in 0.50 update.

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