Shave the chest of the patient before use.

The defibrillator (often abbreviated to defib) is a medical tool which players may use to revive players with a heart attack. It can also be used to knock out unsuspecting Survivors or Zombies. However, be warned. If the Defibrillator is used in this manner, not only will it render the person unconscious, it will kill them. Cause of death is a weak, irregular pulse.

Other Required Items:

  • 9V battery


  • 1. Attach the 9V Battery to the Defibrillator to allow a charge.
  • 2. Equip the Defibrillator into your hands.
  • 3. Turn on the Defibrillator via Action menu.
  • 4. Approach within proximity of and look towards unconscious player’s body (Note: Dead is not the same as Unconscious)
  • 5. Use Defibrillator via Action menu.
  • The in-game-model is based on the Laerdal Heartstart FR3 defibrillator. Unlike the real gadget (which autonomously determines whether a shock is needed by analysing the patients ECG), it can be used on players who don’t need to be defibrillated.
  • In real-life, only patients with life-threatening arrhythmia’s would be defibrillated.

Where to find Defibrillator ?