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The CR527 carbine is a bolt-action, magazine-fed, light weight, intermediate range ‘brush gun’ chambered for the popular 7.62x39mm cartridge.

The CR527 Carbine is a bolt-action rifle in DayZ Standalone.

Using a scaled-down Mauser Mod. 1898 receiver, this hunting rifle, produced by Chernarusk Zbrojovka, uses detachable, single-stack, single row steel magazines.

It is well known for its great accuracy and reliability, while still being very compact and light, making it suited for hunters and target shooters alike.

The gun can be spraypainted Green, Black or Camo to make it less visible:

  • The CR527 Carbine is based on the CZ 527, a real-life compact hunting rifle produced initially as the Brno Fox, later as the CZ 527.
  • The CR527 Carbine is most likely produced by Chernarusk Zbrojovka, the same manufacturer that makes the CR75.

Where to find CR527 Carbine ?

Dayz CR527 Carbine Ammunitions

7.62x39mm 20 Rounds

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

7.62x39mm 20 Rounds A box with 20 rounds in itA labeled cardboard box containing 20 cartridges of 7.62x39mm ammunition. Empty the box to receive 20 useable 7.62x39mm Round...

7.62x39mm Rounds

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

7.62x39mm Rounds Military rifle cartridge designed during World War IIOriginally developed in 1943 for the Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonovat (SKS), 7.62x39mm in Da...

Dayz CR527 Carbine Magazines

CR527 Magazine

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

CR527 Magazine A detachable firearm magazine for the CR527 carbine. Holds a maximum of 5 rifle cartridges in 7.62x39mmThe CR527 Magazine is a single-stack, single-row,...