A nutritious and long-lasted can of baked beans that can be opened with a can opener. Will last two to five years depending on storage conditions.

The Canned Baked Beans is a type of Food and Drink in the DayZ Standalone. This item can commonly befound in Supermarkets (located in most major cities such as Chernogorsk or Elektrozavodsk), residential and industrial areas. Canned goods cannot be eaten without first opening them, typically with the Can Opener. Other tools may be used as well, such as knives, screw drivers, machetes, axes, or similar, but this will result in a certain percentage of the content being spilled upon opening.

Canned Baked Beans is considered one of the best Canned Goods in the game together with Canned Tuna, since they both provide you with a lot of energy as well as water.

  • Deez Beans were originally going to be called Dean’s Beans as a reference to Dean Hall but it turned out that the name was already claimed by a coffee company.
  • Despite the Deez branding in several places on the can, the barcode features the text “HIENZ BEANS,” Hienz being a misspelling of Heinz which the label design is based on.

Where to find Canned Baked Beans ?