potatoes etc. It has a drawstring closure at the top of the bag."

The Burlap Sack is a piece of Equipment and a type of Clothing in DayZ Standalone. It can be placed on a Survivor’s head, and is used to craft the Improvised Courier Bag and Improvised Backpack.

The Burlap sack can be used for blinding and reducing hearing of a player’s character by placing the bag directly on their head. Because of this, Bandits often use these along with Handcuffs to impair the senses and abilities of unsuspecting Players and Hostages. However, some Players willingly wear the sack on their head, using glitches to see without taking them off. This provides no actual benefit to the Player, other then simply confusing those who come across them, or fooling others into thinking they cannot see.

Where to find Burlap Sack ?

Burlap Sack can be used to Craft

Burlap Strips

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Improvised Courier Bag

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Improvised Courier Bag A handcrafted improvised courier bag made of rope and burlap sack.The Improvised Courier Bag is a craftable small-sized backpack. It is used as an exter...

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