Conveniently packed big military tent, can house a small unit including their equipment. Can be worn as a backpack for easier transportation.

For the military building see: Military Tent

The Big Military Tent Backpack is a piece of Equipment. When deployed it can be used to store items beyond the capacity of what the player is able to carry.

The Military Tent backpack when set up is a personal tent capable of high storage capacity. You can use this to start your camp.

This tent, unlike the civilian Tent, is too big to be stored in any backpack and cannot be held in your hands. It must be used in place of your backpack.

It can be used to store large amounts of loot. The tent has 252 slots, but only 100 are accessible via the interface (this might change in future updates).

It can be entered and therefore used as a small house or base. When inside the tent you’re protected from rain and coldness. When initially placed the door and seven windows can be opened and closed, but are permanently open after a server restart.

The tent walls and windows, and doors and windows when closed, are bulletproof, but due to the tent not rendering can be “shot through” at medium to long range with ease. Grenades and vehicles ignore the tent completely, and simply pass through.

Where to find Big Military Tent Backpack ?

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