Prepacked sterile dressing used for application to a wound to promote healing and stop bleeding. It is designed to be in direct contact with the wound.

Bandages are used to stop bleeding which may result when a player is injured, although bleeding may occasionally stop on its own. Bandages may spawn almost anywhere that there may be loot, but don’t very often, especially when you need them. Failure to stop bleeding will result in increasingly hazardous effects which will eventually lead to shock, unconsciousness, and death.

Before using a bandage, an injured player must first determine if they are bleeding or not. Bleeding may be indicated by a bleeding message in the HUD. Bleeding may also be shown as a stream of blood gushing from a player, although this is not always present, as in the case of broken bones. A low level of blood, which may be indicative of bleeding, may be shown by a general desaturation of a player’s screen.

A player may use a bandage either on themselves or on another player. Before applying a bandage, it is recommended to clear the area of threats or allow for enough time to administer a bandage safely, for obvious reasons. To apply a bandage to oneself, the inventory must be opened [Tab] and there must be a bandage present. By right-clicking a bandage and selecting “Bandage Myself” from the menu that appears. Bandaging takes approximately ten seconds, during which the players is vulnerable to attack and cannot move without ‘breaking’ the animation which means having to bandage again.

To bandage another player, one must be within range for the context option “Apply Bandage” to appear when using the context menu (middle mouse button for default action, scroll for context menu, backspace to cancel). To bandage others, the bandage must be placed in the hand slot.

Where to find Bandage ?

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