A lightweight, hard-plate reinforced vest offering full torso protection that is able to absorb impact from both small calibre projectiles, fragments and knife attacks.

The Plate Carrier is a piece of Clothing that was recently implemented into Dayz Standalone. This modular vest is found blank, and can have Attachable Pouches (10 slots, 5×2) and a Gun Holster attached to it. You will need to scavenge the other parts of this vest separately from the main plate carrier base. At the moment, the vest is not known to offer additional protection.

  • The Plate Carrier was previously known as Ballistic Vest and was removed in a prior version of the game. It was added again in the 0.54 experimental update.
  • The vest does not seems to be bulletproof as of the 0.54 stable branch, however it does seems to absorb quite a few more bullets than other vests.