This bipod provides solid support for longer range engagements. When bipod is deployed and the firer is prone, weapon accuracy is increased dramatically.

The ATLAS Bipod is a Weapon Attachment in DayZ Standalone. It allows the user to provide more accurate fire from a stabilized position while prone.

This bipod can be Attached to four types of assault rifles. It is deployed by right click on it in your inventory, when you have the rifle equipped (in hands box) and choose “Deploy Bipod”. This takes a couple of second to complete.

  • An undocumented change in 0.45.124426 removed the ATLAS Bipod as a possible attachment from the Mosin 9130.
  • Bohemia has been relatively silent on this issue, but with the ATLAS Bipods reintroduction in 0.54.126645 the change is assumed permanent and intentional.

Where to find ATLAS Bipod ?