the positive one being the smaller one. Licking both contacts can tell you if it still carries a charge and possibly give you a slight energy boost."

The Alkaline Battery 9V is a Device used to power electrical devices. The battery can be attached and detached, when in use its charge will gradually decrease until its made useless. A player can determine if a charge is still present by licking the battery. This may also cause the character to have a sudden, and usually fatal heart attack. The physical condition of the battery does not affect the battery’s charge.

The battery can be attached to powered items by clicking and dragging it over the items. To detach the battery, right-click the item that contains the battery and select Detach Akaline Battery 9V. To lick the battery right click the battery and select Lick.

List of devices and weapon attachments that require a battery to function:

Where to find Alkaline Battery 9V ?