their substances and also some aromatic extracts. Can be used for disinfection of scratches and wounds or diluted for refreshing bath."

Alcohol Tincture is used to clean Wounds or Scratches, also used before taking a Blood Bag Kit or Saline Bag to clean the spot for the needle, even though you can’t get sick/infected by blood transfusions yet.

As of 0.51.125369, Alcohol Tincture can be used to clean your infected wounds as shown on the video.

Alcohol Tincture can be used to clean rags and make them pristine again, and even works on ruined rags. It can also be used to give players Food Poisoning if ingested.

There is also a chance that you can get sick by cleaning your wounds, very low chance though.

The ALFA brand on the bottle is a reference to a real life brand of Alcohol tincture from the Czech Republic, known as Alpa, widely available.

Where to find Alcohol Tincture ?