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AK74, a successor of AK47, chambered to use lighter 545×39 round

The AK74 is a type of weapon, in DayZ Standalone.

The AK74 (“Kalashnikovs Automatic Rifle, model of 1974”) is a Soviet-designed assault rifle. The rifle is chambered for the 5.45×39mm cartridge, lighter and smaller than the 7.62×39mm used in the AK and AKM rifles. The AK101 is an export version of the AK74, chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition.

The AK74 has many attachments with various purposes, these parts may commonly be found in military installations and buildings.

Where to find AK74 ?

Dayz AK74 Ammunitions

5.45mm 20 Rounds

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

5.45mm 20 Rounds A cardbox box with 20 soviet assault rifle roundsA small, labeled box containing 20 5.45mm cartridges. To empty, right click the box in your invento...

5.45mm Rounds

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

5.45mm Rounds Assault rifle cartridge developed in Soviet union.The 5.45mm Round is a type of ammunition. It is a high velocity small caliber round, used in the AK74 ...

Dayz AK74 Magazines

30Rnd AK74 mag

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

30Rnd AK74 mag A detachable firearm magazine produced for AK74. Holds 30 assault rifle cartridges 5.45x39mm

Dayz AK74 Attachments

AK-74 Wooden Buttstock

Dayz Wiki 4 years ago

AK-74 Wooden Buttstock A wooden buttstock that comes as a default with AK-74 assault rifleThe AK-74 Wooden Buttstock is an attachment compatible with the entire Kalashnikov li...