Military rifle cartridge designed during World War II

Originally developed in 1943 for the Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonovat (SKS), 7.62x39mm in DayZ are used in the SKS, AKM, and the CR527 Carbine. The origin of the cartridge was that the Russian Army found the 7.62x54mmR to be too powerful for the ranges battles usually were fought over – about 300 metres – and therefore adjusted the 7.62x39mm down to reduce the recoil.

As the 7.62x39mm is loaded with less powder and lighter bullets than the 7.62x54mmR Round(s), its effective range is somewhat reduced. This does however also reduce recoil, which means firing 7.62x39mm faster is much easier than 7.62x54mmR.

It can be found in boxes of 20 rounds.

  • Can be fed into the SKS manually or through a 10 Round Clip.
  • Can be fed into the AKM manually or with a 30 round or 75 round magazine
  • Can be fed into the CR527 Carbine manualy or with a CR527 Magazine.

Where to find 7.62x39mm Rounds ?