A common revolver cartridge favoured for its stopping power.

The .357 Rounds is a type of Ammunition in DayZ Standalone. It can be found throughout Chernarus loot location, as individual rounds or packed in boxes, and can be stacked up to 30 rounds. It is used in the Magnum revolver and Repeater rifle, and can be loaded into .357 Speedloaders.

The .357 ammunition is based on the real world .357 S&W Magnum rounds. Fabricated in the 1930’s, the .357 cartridge was designed for U.S. law enforcement as a replacement for the .38 special round that was then being used. The .357 round is identical to the .38 special in all respects except that it contains more gun powder (.38 special rounds can even be used in guns chambered for .357). The need for more hitting power was due to the need of law enforcement personnel to be able to shoot through the metal car doors of the day, something the lower powered .38 special round could not do.

Where to find .357 Rounds ?