2 x 30Rnd STANAG magazine coupled

Two 30Rnd STANAG magazines coupled together using a metal magazine clamp to enable quick and fluid reloading. Many soldiers as an alternative to using proper magazine clamps will use tape to couple magazines together.

  • Spawns preloaded with 5.56mm Round(s).
  • Must be detached from firearm to load.
  • Currently functions as a single large 60 round magazine which is subject to change.
  • When unloaded, stacks of 60 rounds take 1 item slot. This is double the size of what you can stack by hand. This is exploitable and can fill an Ammo Box with 600 5.56mm rounds as opposed to 300. This is presumed to be a bug, and may be subject to change in future releases.

Where to find 30Rnd STANAG (coupled) ?