Shared by MrEasyRider23 on May 18, 2015

LOST Boyz were getting set up in Lopatino for a clan war and then come under attack 15 minutes before the official start. This ghillie suit mosin wielding bandit came into the wrong house

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    How the hell did you “come under attack” when it was clearly you who shot first? And how the hell is this guy a bandit??

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      Woah bro having a bad day? read the description.

      We had an organized 8 v 8 clan battle with another clan. we were going to meet at Lopatino church at 5pm. at 445pm we are all standing at the church and 2 of our players get sniped. we then get into defensive buildings and are attacked by 5 fully geared players. it was us and these 5 randoms on the server. thats how we “came under attack” and how they are bandits. Instead of boring you with a 30 minute video I just posted my kill.