Shared by S1mmonns on May 31, 2013

Had a couple DayZ clips lying around that I wanted to slap together so here ya go! Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for watching 😀
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First song: Requiem For a Dream Theme Song –
Creepy song: Dead Silence Theme Song –
Outro Song: Kirby Gourmet Race (Ephixa DnB remix) –

DayZ Series:

Episode 1: MLG Serpentining –
Episode 2: Vehicles for DayZ –
Episode 3: BEST BAMBI EVER! –
Episode 4: I Got a Kill! –
Episode 5: Most Embarrassing Death; PEACE BITCH –
Episode 6: LADY FRIEND! –
Episode 7: What Happened to Cherno?! –
Episode 9: The Journey North w/ Blacky, Sawcasm, and Luca! –
Episode 10: HE’S INFECTED! –
Episode 11: EPIC CLUTCH! –