Shared by SepticFalcon on September 22, 2016

Today we have another sneek preview of a test build from DayZ courtesy of Creative Director Brian Hicks.

We’re still hammering away at a small list of must fix issues, a good deal of which were mentioned in the last Status Report.

A lot of focus is obviously on issues with the new changes to player position sync, and working hard on getting that to an enjoyable, and healthy state. Aside from resolving issues with player sounds, and taking care of server crashes, addressing the remaining known issues with duplication and swimming glitches, and a lot of iteration on getting player modifier states to update at a playable rate.

Its worth saying that during todays testing session, issues with the modifier tick rates on players created a fascinatingly difficult struggle for survival on my part. I ended up dying several times while working fairly hard to get up to Stary Sobor to meet a few other testers. Hypothermia after allowing myself to get soaking wet in freezing temperatures, wound infection after having to bandage myself with a sewing kit, and dehydration after misjudging exactly how far I could make it without water while thirsty.

Obviously the extreme difficulty I had is a bit more than we would want, but the enjoyment I got out of DayZ truly making me word *hard* for my success was exciting, and once we finish the major Enfusion engine merges I am *very much* looking forward to squashing bugs and getting the survival experience to somewhere that actually makes you work for it.

I snagged a few small clips during the testing I’d like to upload unlisted to our Youtube for the forum crowd, but that will have to wait until tomorrow when Smoss is in the office (it is pretty late here now).

Hang in there guys, no one wants to get .61 to experimental more than those of us on the dev team. We appreciate all your patience.

B. Hicks


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