Shared by 2Dogs on June 17, 2019

Thanks to all that took part in my little vid here, it was crazy to find out that so many people like the same places and characters, sorry to those I have left out but I had only three minutes to work with here…and i learned a lot…so gonna put some more effort into things from now on….I know its not much but it was a learning experiance with the arkensor play. Thanks again to all…

Modernkilla82 owns Trump’s Wall servers, great mod…

Hardtail Stingray and NappyX are both heavy hitters in the Hooligans sect and there youtubes are here in order

St Hellen is a causal player and friend and wishes to remain anonymous, good on ya gurl 😉

Rene aka “Barely Infected is the brains behind the Village server and his channel is found here

Trojan Warrior is a trusted soldier and leader of the FTQ faction and can be found here

Not Joe freeman cause he’s dead is a skilled combatant and can be found here

Wolfgeist is the true defender of DayZ and can be found here and here…

Asmondian is Argentine badass and he can be found here

Thank you all for your help.
Twitch Here: