Shared by Weyland-Yutani on June 26, 2014

Location: Northern Chernarus
Coordinates: 117 009
Hive: Regular – Regular 0.44/0.46

Points of Interest:
Bus Station: 6:01
Motor Pool: 6:59
Town Hall: 7:33

In this episode our research team will take you on a virtual tour of the new city, Novodmitrovsk.

Novo is the biggest city in Chernarus and home to the new model for Town Hall. Marvel at its grandeur with many accessible levels as well as rooftop access for all your sniping needs.

There are also a few new buildings. There is a new Industrial Building that appears to be used for vehicle repair. An additional side office as well as some not enterable buildings in the center of town.

Not only does Novo have it’s own football field and a state of the art bus station, but also an municiple motor pool.

Properties are moving fast and rental applications are becoming scarce. Get down to Novo and find your spot before someone else does.

Thanks for watching!