Shared by Happybro on October 15, 2015

Next up we have a work in progress view at how we’re working on vehicle and vehicle parts damage being assigned – and the visual representation of it. I’ll put a video down below. The behavior in the video is purely for test purposes. While we’re happy with how each part has its own “hit point” value – and can be damaged/destroyed – the behavior of the part “falling off” of the vehicle works for some, but not necessarily for all.

We spent some time discussing how he behavior should operate today – personally while I love each part being able to be damaged individually from the parent vehicle, and that change being visual to players as they attack the vehicle I’d much rather have the part be “non usable” when destroyed. Such as a door that is destroyed being “jammed” and not openable without an action, or a tool being used to force it open.

This however could easily lead to a situation where a character is “stuck” inside a damaged vehicle without a method of escape that looks visually acceptable (like smashing the window and being teleported out of the vehicle when climbing out of it). The design team will be going over the best method for handling the functionality of the damaged vehicle components over the course of the next week or so. I’d like to talk about that some more in the next Status Report.