• It would be great if they could make the poison spots dynamic: so you actually don’t know when and where there will be poisonous spots. I really hope they will continue this game in being about survival (more basecamp building, great infested/zombi AI, hordes and lone infected that roam and are out to get you, bears that are not fond of trespassers, wolf packs that hunt lone survivors etc etc) and not focus on army/gear and many vehicles etc, there are games that already do this, Dayz wants to be different than these games right? The little bird is nice but hopefully the last of army-esk vehicles.

    I love the crafting techniques it makes me feel that I need to survive and that I can with some “wits”. I hope they will make this even more of a challenge. (sudden diseases, so that vitamines, blood transfusions, pharmaceuticals etc will be needed.) Traps that work on humans (and can be treated by former said gear).

    I myself don’t need more vehicles to like this game (I think they even ruin roaming around and looking at the beautiful scenery) Hopefully they will implement settings for servers so that people can change what they want in the game: PvP or PVE. If I want PvP, I will play other games that are more centered and better executed/ set up for PvP, the Dayz engine isn’t that great for it. What I (and perhaps many more like me) really want/need are more threats from PVE

    • Dayz’s engine is literally based off of arma 2, A MILITARY SIMULATOR, made for shooting other people don’t make up stuff to support your argument for a non fun game were stupid random “hard” stuff from the environment kills you.(although I do want some just not things that are ridiculous and are hard just for the sake of it being “hard”) Go play The Long Dark it sounds like it the game for you (see there are other options for people who want the experience you want) dude if you don’t wanna interact with people and have a chance to die from PvP then I don’t think Dayz is really for you and I think that idea that people that think like you bring to the developer are just not fun or make logical since. Survival in real life isn’t even that hard if you aren’t in a frozen tundra. Also beards are awesome but you should be able to spawn with them (AND LONGER) but the hair getting longer and greasier kinda looking is seriously amazing.

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    longer beard please like allahu akbar xD

  • I don’t know how this game gets featured time and again at these things – there is endless blabber and little development.

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      A game in development is reliant on constant blabber. Otherwise people will assume it has died when developers stop talking about what they’re doing. Development isn’t something that happens quickly and if it does, it’s probably poor development. Be patient and complain after development has finished. No one is going to force you to play this game.

    • Saying that there is “little” development, is just ignorant, and shows that you don’t really actively follow the game. A lot is happening recently to the game, but visible and under the hood.

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    i uploaded this before him and he gets it featured lol RIP GG