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Published on Jun 18, 2012
This is DayZ Ep 1 : Jeep Theft (ArmA 2)

Chris, Freddy and myself (Paul) are in the control tower at the North West airfield near Lopatino when we spot a sniper. Within moment a jeep with two players screams across the airfield aggro-ing zombies. The plan seems to be that one guy drives around in the jeep with all the zombies in tow whilst the other grabs all the loot from the Airfield. We drop them both, steal their jeep and drive away. A little later whilst enjoying our spols we find out the guys we killed are part of a heavily armoured clan who then threaten to come get us! We decide to head for the hills and hide our stuff!

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Paul – me
Chris –
Freddy – (guy with the beard)


Music: Kevin MacLeod

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